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For those interested in practicing alternative photographic processes, I offer cyanotype and photography workshops (adults or children). So far I have collaborated with several organizations and art spaces such as ActionAid Hellas (Cyanotype Workshops for Children, 2023, Athens, Greece), The Hellenic Photographic Society (Cyanotype Workshops for Adults, 2023, Athens, Greece), Chios Photography Club (Cyanotype Workshop for Adults, 2023, Chios, Greece), NonFiction Photo (Cyanotype Open Workshop, 2022, Groningen, Netherlands), Aspalathos Artspace (Cyanotype Workshop for Artists, 2021, Athens, Greece) and  Elix NGO (Photography Seminars for Young Refugees, 2019, Athens, Greece). Contact me for more information.

Photos by: Alexandros Syrogiannoulis, Ioanna Koutoufari, Pieng-Or Patcharasoravut, Bastian Lasatira and Maria Siorba.

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