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The Morning You Left,
I Was Pretending To Be Asleep

How easy is it to accept change and cope with lossConstantine Cavafy, in his poem "The God Abandons Anthony," praises those who stand courageously in the face of the greatest loss. However, I could never be that brave. Many times, I've found myself with closed eyes when separation approached and believed that if I didn't open them it would never come. This feeling is akin to a child losing its favorite toy. No, it's not a matter of ownership; it's a question of self definition. When you lose something that belonged to you, and the place you had for it remains empty, you don't know where you stand, you can't tell where your place is anymore. While constantly moving, one needs a steady point of reference, much like a guiding star in the night sky or a buoy in an archipelago. Sometimes, that reference point may also be a person. These pictures were never taken with the intention of forming a series. Only after developing the rolls did I realize they all spoke to the same subject, or so I thought. And now, I can imagine that while saying goodbye to Alexandria, Anthony must have shed a lot of tears.

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