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Inspired by Leonard Cohen's "Stranger Song" I took my first polaroid picture on the last day of 2020. This year, as well as the few next ones, were not only a challenge for the whole of humanity but also a period of huge changes in my personal life. Water has been characterised as the element of change. "Panta Rhei" Heraclitus said - Everything flows, everything changes and you cannot step into the same river twice.

Like water that has no form but gets shaped after the vessel it is placed in, I feel that I am changed and reformed each time I move to a new location. My one-year stay in the Netherlands, the land of water, and my rented boat-house on a canal's edge made me adapt to this condition of constant flowing, instability and self-reflection. However, I cannot help but wait for the flood that will come and drown everything or the drought that will empty the river out and leave only some drops of water to remind us of the past.


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